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Key facts:


State population


Top 4 cities

Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Badger

Number of Universities/Colleges


Number of International students in the state


Leading places of origin for International students

Canada, Russia, South Korea, India, China

Highest number of International students

University of Alaska - Anchorage (284)


University of Alaska - Fairbanks (235)


University of Alaska - Southeast (15)


Kenai Peninsula College (4)


Prince William Sound Community College (1)

Universities and Colleges in Alaska


In order to simplify and declutter the search & review process, the growing international student community has increasingly requested a platform for searching and reviewing only “real” and “normal” US universities and college (meaning, traditional universities/colleges) that are not “too small” in terms of student population. In Study Destination USA’s customized list of universities & colleges in Alaska you will find:


  • Only accredited US universities and colleges offering a variety of degrees
  • Only Universities & Colleges with a minimum of 1,000 enrolled students
  • No online universities or colleges
  • No for-profit universities or colleges
  • No language schools
  • No vocational schools (aviation, culinary etc.)
  • No religious seminars
  • No military universities/colleges/academies
  • Only traditional ("normal") US universities and colleges


Only available at Study Destination USA, this is a helpful list of US universities and colleges for both US students and international students intending to study for a bachelor's, master's or doctorate (PhD) degree in Alaska. Since these are traditional universities and colleges offering a variety of degrees, you are very likely to find that most, if not all, offer popular degrees at bachelor, master, and doctorate (PhD) level, such as Business and Management degrees, Engineering degrees, Math and Computer Science degrees, Social Sciences degrees, Physical and Life Science degrees, and Health & Medicine degrees.


Click or tap on one of the links below to be redirected to the institution's official home page. Find your university or college in Alaska today and start preparing your application. US students are equally welcome to review our customized list of universities and colleges.

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