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Welcome to Study Destination USA!


Study Destination USA is a knowledge platform providing prospective international students with invaluable insight and helpful advice designed to help students navigate the US admission process and successfully apply to a US university or college. Our ultimate mission is to empower prospective international students to independently apply to US higher education institutions.


What differentiate Study Destination USA is that we go beyond merely providing information about how to find US universities/colleges and applying for admission. Our content contains insight, hints, and advice that can only be derived from years of experience working as admission officers and student recruiters. This is unique to Study Destination USA!


Study Destination USA is the home to the first university finder defined by international students. This is a list of US universities & colleges collated according to distinct preferences and criteria. Our experience and research paint a clear picture; the majority of international students want to access and search a database consisting only of “real” or “normal" US universities & colleges (as they put it), excluding any online schools, academies, religious seminars etc. Consequently, we have excluded these types of institutions and instead have collated a list of traditional US universities & colleges that offer a variety of degrees and have more than 1,000 students. This list is unique to Study Destination USA!


We offer actionable insight in areas that will directly aid prospective international students navigate the admission process. We do not pretend to be everything for everyone. Our primary focus is on international students interested in attending a US university or college in pursuit of an academic degree, and not on individuals interested in attending language, online, or vocational schools.


Study Destination USA aims to continuously deliver value-adding content and features to increase usability and content quality on our website.


Welcome to Study Destination USA!


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